Everything comes from the love of the land and its products

At L’Unico we continue the journey in discovering the authentic flavours of food: the raw materials are not altered, but just enhanced by the knowledgeable use of spices and herbs which maintain the taste and organoleptic characteristics intact.

Professionalism and Passion

Over the years, Mr. Nocentini, owner of the farm, has always pushed us to produce healthy and guaranteed foods with passion and professionalism.
You will find the results of all this work in our dishes.


Locally-grown organic quality products

The excellence of the raw materials produced on our farm, in accordance with the agriculture and organic farming mandates, and of other local and Tuscan producers who are careful about quality and well-being.


Constant research in self-improvement and growth

Knowledge is necessary for self-improvement and growth. We are convinced that what we eat is part of what we are and it shows the ability to choose and enjoy, with respect, what nature offers us.

Time used as a guarantee for quality

We dedicate a great deal of time and attention to the choice of raw materials.
Daily gestures to offer to you and at the table dishes of Tuscan tradition, healthy, fresh dishes, cooked by our chefs with passion, awareness and creativity.

An enchanting place in Tuscany where history, nature and culture meet.

An enchanting place in Tuscany where history, nature and culture meet.